How it started . . .

I was 11 years old, and it was the first time I had ever been to a magic show. But this wasn’t one of those flashy magicians from Las Vegas. He was an older magician with gray hair, who traveled from school to school, all across the country, with his colorful silks, his black top hat, and his beautiful white rabbit. I will never forget how amazed I felt when, after asking me to help him on stage, the old man pulled coin after coin from my ears, nose, and hair. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with Magic. I still spend hours upon hours digging through books on magic, practicing magic, and performing magic. There is always something new to learn.

My Heroes

I owe so much to the great magicians who have paved the way and taught me what I know. I am especially indebted to the creative minds of Tommy Wonder, David Abbott (A magician’s magician from Omaha, Nebraska), and Paul Daniels, who inspired me to make my magic more than mere trickery. I am also very grateful to the countless magician authors who filled the books that fill my bookshelves. It takes passion to become a great magician, but it takes faith and hope to record that passion for the next generation of magicians to find.

I love what I do!

Magic still amazes me, but not for the same reasons. Now that I know how the tricks are done, I don’t feel shocked like I used to when a coin vanishes or when a torn newspaper is restored; instead, the amazement I feel comes from watching the faces of people who are seeing these illusions for the first time. I love when their jaws drop to the floor and when I can hear them lose their breath. I love when they gasp in surprise and when they laugh so hard their eyes water. These crazy effects can only be explained by one thing: Real Magic!